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Web check-in begins 24 hours and closes in 3 hours before departure and is available on regular flights from the cities


Conditions Web check-in

Advantages of web check-in:

  • You may check-in yourself for the flight at home or from your office;
  • You may chose the convenient seat in the aircraft cabin;
  • You print the boarding-pass yourself;

Conditions for web check-in:

Web check-in is available for schedule flights of the JSC “Nordavia-RA” and flights of its code-share partners* from the cities

City Airport Web-registration
Aerporty that Web-registration is not available
Arkhangelsk (Talagi Airport) available
Baku (Baku Airport) available
Vladikavkaz (Vladikavkaz Airport) available
Voronezh (Voronezh Airport) available
Yerevan (Zvartnots Airport) available
Kaliningrad (Khrabrovo Airport) available
Makhachkala (Uytash Airport) available
Mineralnye Vody (Mineralnye Vody Airport) available
Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) available
Murmansk (Murmashi Airport) available
Naryan-Mar (Naryan-Mar Airport) available
Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo Airport) available
Orenburg (Orenburg Airport) available
Rostov-on-Don (Rostov-on-Don Airport) available
Samara (Kurumoch Airport) available
St. Petersburg (Pulkovo Airport) available
Syktyvkar (Syktyvkar Airport) available
Ulan-Ude (Baikal Airport) available
Ufa (Ufa Airport) available
Chelyabinsk (Chelyabinsk Airport) available
Aerporty that Web-registration is not available
Kazan not available
  • Web check-in starts 24 hours and closes 3 hours before the departure of the flight (Except for flights from Moscow, for such flights, web check-in closes 6 hours before departure);
  • Web check-in is available for passengers travelling without pet-animals;
  • Web check-in is not available for passengers requiring additional services, such as escorting of passengers with reduced mobility, unaccompanied minors etc.

*code-share (joint flight operation) – a form of cooperation between airlines, when one flight is being sold by two or more carriers under their own designator codes. One of the airlines operates the flight and the other is a flight partner.


If you travel without baggage and weight and dimensions of your cabin baggage comply with standards adopted in JSC ”Nordavia-RA” standards , you don’t need to come to the check-in desk in the airport of departure. Having the boarding pass printed you go directly to the security area and pass through screening procedure and then proceed to the departure gate.

Please, take note of the List of hazardous substances and material prohibited for carriage aboard both in registered baggage and cabin baggage.

The following hazardous substances and items are prohibited for air transportation by crew members and passengers in hand or checked baggage:

  1. Explosives, firing agents and items stuffed with them:
    • Powder of all types, in any packing and in any quantity;
    • Live ammunition (incl. small-caliber);
    • Cartridges for gas spray guns;
    • Hunting capsules (pistons);
    • Firework devices: signaling and illuminating rockets, cartridges
    • Signaling cartridges, landing pots, torch pots, shot-fire matches, Bengal lights, railway detonating cartridges;
    • Trinitrotoluene, dynamite, tolite, ammonal, and other explosives;
    • Fulminating detonators, electric detonators, electric igniters, detonating and blasting fuses and so on;
  2. Compressed and condensed gases:
    • Gases for domestic use (butane-propane) and other gases;
    • Gas sprays of neuroparalytic and lachrymatory action and so on
  3. Inflammable liquids: acetone, gasoline, samples of inflammable oil-products, methanol, methyl acetate (methyl ether), carbon sulphide, ethylcelluzol ethers;
  4. Inflammable solid substances:
    • Substances prone to spontaneous ignition;
    • Substances emitting inflammable gases on contact with water: potassium, sodium, metal calcium and their compositions, calcium phosphide and so on;
    • White, yellow and red phosphorus, as well as other substances belonging to the category of inflammable solid substances;
  5. Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides:
    • Colloidal nitrocellulose, in grains or flocks, dry or wet, with less than 25% of water or dissolvent;
    • Colloidal nitrocellulose, in lumps, wet, with less than 25% of alcohol;
    • Intro-cellulose, dry or wet, with less than 30% of dissolvent or 20% of water and so on;
  6. Toxic substances;
  7. Radioactive materials;
  8. Corrosives:
    • Strong non-organic acids: chlorohydric, sulphuric, hydrogen and other;
    • hydrofluoric acid and other strong acids and corrosives;
  9. Poisonous substances:
    • any strong toxic and poisonous substances in wet or solid form, in any packing;
    • Brucine, nicotine, strychnine, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, anti-freezing substances, brake fluid, ethylene glycol, mercury, all salts of hydrocyanic acid and cyanide drugs cyclone, cyanogens fusion, arsenous anhydrite and so on;
    • other hazardous substances, items and cargoes, which might be used as a weapon of attack on passengers, crew and constituting a threat for the flight safety;
  10. Weapons:
    • pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines and other fire, gas, pneumatic weapons, electrical shock devices, daggers, stilettos, paratrooper knives, unless otherwise specified in legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

You can check-in your baggage at your flight check-in desk in the airport of departure not later than 50 minutes before the flight. Please, take note of the Rules of baggage carriage. In case you have excess baggage you will have to pay excess baggage charge.

If you travel within a group more than 9 persons, please, apply the check-in desk in the airport.

Pleas, pay your attention to the check-in and closing time. Don’t forget that you have to pass through security control, and in case of international flight – border and customs formalities. Calculate the time of your arrival to the airport taking into account the time for all necessary pre-flight procedures. Boarding starts 40 minutes before the flight departure.

In case you for any reasons can not the boarding pass, please, apply to your flight check-in desk in the airport? but not later than 50 minutes before the flight departure.

We recommend using the browser Internet Explorer for web check-in. There may occur errors when using other browsers.

For the purpose of flight safety the airline reserve the right to change the seat chosen by you while obtaining of the boarding pass or aboard , as ordered by the captain, without prior notice to the passenger.

Popular destinations

  • Moscow
    from 4275 p
  • Arkhangelsk
    St. Petersburg
    from 2375 p
  • Krasnodar
    St. Petersburg
    from 3715 p
  • Voronezh
    St. Petersburg
    from 3605 p
  • Kazan
    St. Petersburg
    from 3825 p
  • Makhachkala
    from 3340 p
  • Moscow
    from 3375 p
  • Moscow
    from 2915 p
  • Moscow
    from 3475 p
  • Murmansk
    from 3475 p
  • Murmansk
    St. Petersburg
    from 3975 p
  • Samara
    St. Petersburg
    from 3825 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 2375 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 3605 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 2525 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 4065 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 4315 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 4075 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 4775 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 3675 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 6350 p
  • St. Petersburg
    from 5025 p
  • Naryan-Mar
    from 4075 p
  • Syktyvkar
    St. Petersburg
    from 3975 p
  • Tbilisi
    St. Petersburg
    from 3780 p
  • Arkhangelsk
    from 7875 p
  • Arkhangelsk
    from 3375 p
  • Chelyabinsk
    St. Petersburg
    from 4675 p